How to prepare our products

For tartar:
1. Prepare at least one liter of lukewarm water, knife, spoon, defrosting bowl and mixing bowl. Water cannot be warmer because it can damaged taste of meat.
2. Put our meat roll to the defrosting bowl and add water. After 20 minutes the meat should be defrosted enough to be able to mix it.
3. Open roll with knife and put meat to the mixing bowl, add sauce and spice. Mix it with spoon.
And that’s it.

For sous-vide and confit:
1. Prepare select product, scissors or knife, baking dish and preheat the oven (or use grill, microwave, etc.).
2. Unpack selected product from original package and put it to selected baking dish.
3. Place baking dish to preheated oven and heat up by your personal demands. (The preparation time depends on the product type, temperature and preparation method)