About us


Our company was founded in 1992. The products offered by our company are made for you only in our own factory. We have developed a procedure for each product to meet the criteria we have identified.

The first is quality. You can not make a quality product of poor quality raw material. Therefore, we use raw materials from proven suppliers with whom we have been cooperating for a long time to produce our products. We also test our products, taste and constantly look for further improvement.

The second criterion is uniformity. This criterion applies to the thorough preparation and size of each serving. Thorough preparation means precise processing, a precise manufacturing process and time for each piece. The portion size for us means purchasing a calibrated raw material so you can offer the same portion to your customers.

The third is the composition. We pay special attention to this criterion. Our products contain as little as possible (while preserving the desired properties) a number of preservatives or flavors. Some of our products, such as duck breasts, contain only meat and kitchen salt and still have 3 months shelf life.

The fourth is simplicity. Low-demand storage conditions and simple preparation. Most of our products have a shelf life of 3 months when stored in the refrigerator and their preparation includes only a warm-up without packaging (from just 4 minutes).

We are expanding our product portfolio for you because we already have customers who cook only from our products. And these customers are clearly telling us that we are doing this right.